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Mini Split Systems

Here are a few main reasons builders and homeowners choose to install mini splits:

  • You don’t need existing ductwork. With a mini-split system, you can add air conditioning to your home without ductwork in place.

  • Affordability. Choosing a mini-split system is more affordable if you’re retrofitting your home or building from the ground up without ductwork. It also takes less time to install a mini-split system.

  • Heating capabilitiesMini split heat pumps are becoming increasingly more common. That means you can get both heating and cooling from the same system.

  • Versatility. Mini-split systems can be installed in a variety of orientations based on your home’s configuration. Floor-mount, ceiling-recessed and horizontal-ducted configurations are common.

  • Easy installation. Ductless air conditioning systems are easier to install and weigh less. 

  • Energy efficiency. Ductless systems don’t lose hot or cold air due to duct leakage. Most mini-split systems are approximately 20% to 30% more efficient on average.

Trouble spot room?

Modern Living Room

When it comes to heating or cooling, many homes have trouble spots; rooms that are always too hot or too cold. Installing a mini split system can eliminating those trouble spots. Bringing back those rooms to as they were intended. They are the perfect year round solution for energy efficiency and comfort for your home!